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009 Zhuang Defu Lottery 3D Forecast Number: Qi Bian+and Value Analysis

Lottery retrospective: Fucai 3D No. 2023008 Phase: 708.

Type judgment: The previous prize number was 708.The number 0 in the last 10 periods is opened 3 times, the trend is cold, the number 7 appears 3 times, the number is cold, the number 8 appears 6 times, the relatively hot, the overall leakage in the previous period, the warm code award number is noticed in this period.

In addition, the group six appeared 9 times, and the group six performed strongly.

Analysis of size: 2 large numbers were opened in the previous period. Large -scale active. In the last 5 periods, 10 large numbers appeared in large numbers. In this issue, large -scale heated, referring to the size of the size: large size.

Opinion analysis: The last issue of the odd number appeared, and the number of the number was hot. There were 9 strange numbers in the last 5 periods. The odd numbers were active.

Harmony analysis: The harmony value has been widely distributed in the near future, and the previous period is 15. In this period, the optimistic and value of the value is rising, and the reference and value 16.

Spoof analysis: The span is recently distributed in sections 2-9, which is widely distributed. The expected span in this period is expected to decrease and pay attention to the span 7.

Zhuangde No. 2023009 Fucai 3D Recommendation:

Double bold reference: 18

Group 6 6 yards reference: 123678

Direct selection and duplex reference: 01467-01679-03789

Selected reference of 15 bets: 027 048 078 137 178 238 258 279 347 468 478 679 689

Single note reference: 718

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