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009 Jianghua Arrangement Three Prediction Awards: Size judgment

Review of the previous issue: The number of 2023008 prize is: 972.Type: group six, Qi Qi: Qiqi, size: large size.

Judgment of the prize number type: After the nearly 7 Qiqi even opened and the large and small, the next group appeared three times and 11 times in the group six. Among them, the six trend of the group six was active.In addition, the proportion of heavy numbers is relatively high. This period of defense is again, reference number 2.

Qi Tun judgment: The three prizes in the previous period were 972, and Qiqi was: Qiqi even, and the Qiqi even appeared in the past 7 times: Qiqi Puppet Award number was: 174-372-132-712-538-136-756.

The prize number is opened in the next period: 048-216-169-849-925-420-315.

Among them, the award number is 9:12, and the number of the coupe numbers is the same. In this issue, it is optimistic about the Qi Lupin 1: 2.

Judgment of size: The three prizes in the previous period were 972, the size is: large size, and the award number of the size of the nearly 7 times is: 561-872-682-562-861-760-851.

The next issue is issued: 769-299-132-280-335-289-383.

Among them, the size ratio ratio of the award number is 10:11, and the size of the size is the same. In this issue, the size ratio is 1: 2.

Jianghua Arrangement 3rd No. 2023009 Forecast:

Bald code reference: 2 8

One code for killing: 4

5*5*5 direct selection: 02568/25789/13569

Six duplex: 012389

Single selection number: 012 027 028 038 078 126 128 138 168 257 258 389 789

Single Number: 821

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