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009 He Shangfu 3D Forecast Number: Single -up one bet direct selection

Lottery retrospective: Fucai 3D 2023008 prize number is 708, of which the award number ratio is 2: 1, the strange coupling ratio is 1: 2, 012 is 1: 1: 1, the value is 15, and the span is 8.

1. Morphological analysis:

Number size: The previous number opened two large and one small combination. The two major groups in the last 100 periods appeared 38 times.The whole small appears twice, and this issue is optimistic about two small combinations.

Number Qi Qi: The previous prize number was two puppets and one strange combination. In the 100 consecutive periods, the two puppets and one strange combination opened 40 periods. In the next prize number, the two puppets opened for 16 issues.10 times, 6 times in Quanqi, 7 times in the whole occasion, and the full puppet combination is expected to occur in this period.

Number 012: The last 012 route number each appeared. Among the last 100 prizes, the phenomenon of 1 of the 012 route number each appeared 21 times. This issue is expected to be empty., Optimistic about two 0 routes+one 2.

Second, harmony, span analysis:

Harmony: The previous period and the value of 15 decreased by 1 point. This period of optimism and value continued to be small, and it was opened around 8.

September: The span was 8 in the previous period, the amplitude was 1, and the puppet span was small, and the anti -span 6 appeared.

3. He Shangfu 3D 3D No. 2023009 Prize number Recommended:

Driven: 0

One code for killing: 4

Direct selection 5/5/5 Reference: 05689/12357/03678

Direct selection 3/3/3 Reference: 069/123/068

Group 6 6 yards reference: 025679

Single note: 003 006 007 012 016 026 027 035 038 055 067 068 079 088

Single -up one bet direct: 620

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