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009 Fortune Fans Arrange Three Predictive Awards: Positioning 3 Code Direct Election

Lottery retrospective: Sports Color Arrangement 3rd No. 2023008 Phase Award Number: 972.The basic characteristics of the prize number are:

The ratio ratio is 2: 1, Qiqi form: Qiqi.

The size ratio is 2: 1, size form: large size.

Route 012 ratio 1: 1: 1, 012 Road form: 012.

The number and value are 18 and the span is 7.

The last 10 time of the arrangement of the simultaneous puppet form: Qiqi even and size form: the large-size hours of their prizes are: 552-770-792-974-974-592-792-974-752-972, the next period is opened separately, respectivelyThe number is: 359-566-110-489-618-210-408-196-133-436, see the table below in detail:

In the above prize number, the next hundred lottery numbers statistics: Qi Tong distribution is: Qi-Qi-Qi-Puppet-Puppet-Puppet-Qi-Qi-Puppet, which is basically the same.The appearance; the distribution of size is: small-big-small-small-small-small-small-small-small-small, of which large performances are relatively cold. In this issue, 100 are optimistic about the large number of large numbers.Hundred reference numbers: 6

Ten-digit number statistics: In the next issue, the even distribution of the Qi of Qi is: Qi-Puppet-Qi-Puppet-Qi-Qi-Qi-Qi-Qi-Qi.Big-big-small-big-small-small-small-small-small-small, of which the size of the size is basically the same.Ten -digit reference number: 0

Statistics of individual numbers: In the next issue, the even distribution of the strange puppets is: Qi-Puppet-Puppet-Qi-Puppet-Puppet-Puppet-Qi-Qi, of which the trend is relatively cold.For: big-big-small-big-big-small-big-big-small-big-big, of which the big trend is hot, this issue is optimistic about the big size again.Person reference number: 5

Sports Lottery Arrangement 323009 Fortune Fortune Number Forecast:

Double bold reference: 0, 5

Kill a code: 1

Positioning five yards direct selection: 25679-03567-04567

Positioning three-code direct selection: 267-037-457

Group Six Reference: 045679

Selected one bet number: 605

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