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009 Dragon Jiufu Lottery 3D Forecast Number: Ten Selection One Code

Lottery retrospective: Fucai 3D No. 2023008 Phase number is: 708.The prize number is sixth, and the ratio of the 1: 2, 012 road ratio is 1: 1: 1, and the size ratio is 2: 1.

Hundreds of recommendations: The number 7 was issued in the previous period, which was large, odd, and 1 number. The size ratio of the first 7 phase was 6: 1, and the trumpet appeared less. Pay attention to the replenishment in this period;

In the first 7 issue, the singularity ratio is 4: 3, and the number of even numbers is relatively cold. In this issue, the even numbers are prevented from replenishing the number of numbers;

The 012 road ratio of the first 7th issue is 2: 2: 3, and the number trend of each road is basically the same. At present, the missing values of the 012 routes are: 3, 0, and Phase 1. In this issue, pay attention to the number 2 number.

Pay attention to the number in this issue: 12457, the main push one yard 2.

Ten digits: The prize number was 0 in the previous issue, and the number of even numbers, trumpets, and 0 road numbers was opened.

In the last 7 periods, the size is 3: 4, and the large size is relatively small. In this issue

In the last 7 period, the 012 road 012 opened 4: 2: 1, and the number 0 number was relatively active. The current 012 route number was missed: 0, 1, and 6. In this issue, ten are optimistic about the appearance of the 2nd number 2.

Ten points in this issue: 01259, selected one yard 5.

Recommended by individual digits: The number 8 was opened in the previous period, which was 2, even, and large. In the 7 consecutive periods, the number 012 ratio was 3: 1: 3, and the number 1 number was relatively cold.The values are 3, 1, and 0, respectively. The number 0 number appears in this issue.

In the 7 consecutive seventh consecutiveth, the singles ratio is 3: 4, and the number of numbers is relatively hot. The expected number of the number in this period is again released;

In the 7 consecutive periods, the size ratio of individual digits is 6: 1, and the small trend is relatively cold. This issue is expected to pay attention to the trumpet repayment;

This issue of individual numbers is optimistic: 01356, selected bile code 0.

Comprehensive recommendation of Long Jiufu 3D No. 2023009 Award Number:

Double bold reference: 0, 5

Positioning two yards: (68) (46) (47)

One yard of lore: 8

Direct selection 5*5*5 Follow: (12457) (01259) (01356)

Group 66 Follow: 012345

Single note number follow: 015 023 025 029 033 066 099 115 235 359 455 566 569

A direct attention: 250

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