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009 Awang Arrange Three Prediction Awards: Four -code Duplex Recommendation

Arranged 3rd 2023008 Phase: 972, value 18, span 7, size ratio 2: 1, strange coupling ratio 2: 1.

Three prizes in the current issue of 009: 440-860-800-290-080-660-030-150-310-570-610-570-640-310-490-660-230-850.

In the 009th prize number of the year: the group is 4 times, and the group six will be opened 15 times.Group 6 is obviously active, and this period is concerned about group six.

The 009th prize number of the year: The size ratio is 31:26, the large number is heated, and the large number of defense is large, and the size is 2: 1.

The odd ratio is 24:33, and the even number is hot. The occasional number continues to heat up in this issue.

Among the three -prize number of the 2009th issue of the year, the maximum number of times is: 4, 6, 8. Pay attention to the number of this issue: 6.

The minimum number of times is: 5, 7, 9, and one yard in this issue: 9.

Awang Arrangement 3 009 Reference:

One code for killing: 9

Bald code reference: 6

Direct reference: 14567*02457*13568

Group six duplex: 134567, four -code duplex: 1467

Single -selected 15 bet number reference: 016 026 046 067 068 126 136 256 367 368 467 468 567

Single number number: 476

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