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006 Phase 3D Forecast Award Number: Direct Election Positioning 5 yards reference

Review last issue: Welfare Lottery 3D No. 2023005 issued a prize number 609.Type of prize number: group six, size form: size large, unusual form: occasion.

Head value analysis: The last 5 phase of the prize number and value are distributed between 9-20, fluctuated 12 points, the range of fluctuations is large, the last issue is 15, and the value of 5 points has been reduced.Decrease, reference and value 10.

Spoof analysis: The last 5 phase of the prize number span appeared in sections 2-9, fluctuating 8 points, distributed, and scattered.

Hundred Analysis: No. 2023001-Phase 2023005 Plus number: 48536, which fluctuates 5 points, which are relatively loose. This period is expected to fall, follow the number 1.

Ten -digit analysis: In the last five issues, the number continuously issued the number: 35990, the number ratio of the number is 3: 2, the trumpet is recently cold.

Individual analysis: The first five issues are issued by the number: 20689, the number of the number is 1: 4, and the odd numbers have recently performed coldly. In this issue, it is optimistic about the Qi number replenishment and follow 5.

Fucai 3D No. 2023006 Old Knife Number Recommended:

Double bold reference: 4, 5, unique reference: 4

One yard of lore: 8

Duplex group 6 follow: 012456

Direct positioning 5 yards reference: (01237) (14567) (03567)

Selected 15 bets Reference: 014 034 047 047 124 147 247 247 347 457 459 467 479

Selected one bet number: 145

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