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005, Tongtong Double Color Ball Forecast Award: Red Ball Heavy Number Analysis

Last prize: Double color balls 2023004 issued award number: 01 07 15 16 20 25+16, of which the red ball harmony is 84, there are consecutive numbers and heavy numbers.


Analysis of Red Ball and Value: In the 005th prize of the year, the scope of red ball and the value is between 57-160 and the value ratio of the value is 12: 8.117, 95, the current one year is opened, and the small and value of this year will continue to make up for the small and value.

Analysis of Red Ball Code: In the 005 lottery lottery over the years, there are 14 issues of the award number combined with the combination of the code, and the frequency of the code appears is relatively high.In the period, after the combination of code combinations in the 005 issue of last year, it is expected that the combination of the continuous code combination this year is expected to be released again.

Red Ball Heavy Number Analysis: In the 005th lottery of the year, the heavy number of the previous year in the same period of the previous year was 18 years, and the proportion of the heavy number was low. In the past 10 yearsThe 4th issue includes the heavy number. The re -number of the 005 last year appeared. The 005 issue of this year was optimistic about the heavy number to continue to make up.

Blue ball analysis: In the 005 lottery in the past years, a total of 10 blue balls appeared, and the trend was more concentrated. This year’s 005 issue is expected to continue to decline in the blue ball number, followed the number 11.

Comprehensive Recommendation of Tongtong Fucai Two -color Ball Issue 2023005:

Bald code reference: 07 10 12 31

Red ball kill 8 yards: 03 08 15 18 23 24 25 29

Red ball 15 yards duplex reference: 04 05 07 09 10 11 12 13 16 20 21 22 27 31

Blue ball kill 5 yards: 05 07 10 14 16

Five -yard blue ball reference: 01 04 08 11 15

Tongtongfu color double color ball No. 2023005 Selected one bet number: 07 10 11 12 21 31+11

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