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005 Tao Tao Da Lotto Forecast Award: Aterior Zone and Value Surgery Analysis

Last prize: Sports Lottery Lotto No. 2023004 Lottery Number: 04 13 15 20 22+04 08.

Among them, the front area and value are: 74, the value of the value rises 6 points;

The size ratio of the front area is: 2: 3, the small performance is relatively active;

The odd ratio is: 2: 3, the performance of the even numbers is relatively active;

The last 10 periods of Dalo Qian District opened the values: 124, 108, 96, 68, 110, 98, 122, 99, 68, 74, of which large and values appeared 7 times.9 times.

Comprehensive analysis of the 2023005 Earlier and Value of Lotto:

Better Value: The last 10 period and the value of the value are 1: 9. Among them, the number and value of the value are active. Currently, there are two periods in a row. In the near future, it will not turn cold. In this issue, it is optimistic about continuing the even number and value.

Head value: The last 10 period and the value ratio of the value are 7: 3, of which the small and values have a low frequency. The current small and values have continued to replenish 2

The size of the tail: After the last 10 period and the tail size ratio is 6: 4, after the trumpet and tail are opened in the previous period, the small and tails are optimistic about the replenishment.

Combine with tail quality: The last 10 periods and tail quality are 1: 9, the number of symposiums and tails is relatively hot, and the number and tail have been opened for 3 consecutive periods.Number and tail.

Head value span: The previous period and value were 74, which increased by 6 points compared to the 2023003 and values. This period is optimistic about the small value of the small area. It is expected to be around 74.

Sports Lottery Lotto No. 2023005 Recommended: 01 03 06 07 08 10 17 18 21 22 24 26 32+06 09 10 11 12

2023005 Issue 5+2 Recommendation: 03 08 10 21 32+10 11

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