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005 Phase Sanliang Arrangement Three Prediction Awards: Size Apry Analysis

Lottery retrospective: Arrangement of the 2023004 issue of the prize number 136, the number 012 road ratio 2: 1: 0, size ratio 1: 2, the strange coupling ratio is 2: 1.

In the history of the 2023005 issue, the 19th issue has been released., 391, 062, 569, 633, 871, see the table below in detail:

Better-value analysis: In the period of 005, in the same period of the same period, 11 prizes and values were issued, and the value fluctuation range was between 4-20 and the distribution range was relatively wide.6 times, 8 times appeared in sections 10-17, and 5 times were opened in the 18-27 section. This issue is optimistic and worth it. It is expected to fall in sections 18-27.

Size ratio analysis: In the same period of the period of 005, the number of numbers was opened at 25:32, and the small performance was active. Among them, the whole group was combined 3 times.The combination is opened 8 times, and the full large combination is opened once. The large number of hots in this period is expected to be hot, and the attention is 2: 1.

Analysis: In the history of the 3005th history of the 3rd period, there are two phases in the total combination of the whole puppet, 13 periods of the two strange and one puppet combination, the two puppets and one strange combination appears 3 periods.For 32:25, the odds are active. This issue will continue to pay attention. It is expected that the odd ratio is 2: 1.

Number 012 Road analysis: In the 005 draw of the year, the total ratio of the number 012 is 27:17:13, of which the number 0 number is disconnected, the 1 number 1 number is broken, the 2nd number is broken, the current period is 012 012, the current period 012 012Lubi reference 1: 1: 1.

Cheng Sanliang Arranges 3rd No. 2023005 Issue Number Recommendation:

Driven: 7, double gallbladder: 3, 7

Kill number: 1

Direct selection: 02378+02369+45789

Duplex group 6: 036789

Single note: 037 047 078 079 247 279 347 367 378 478 679 789

Single: 738

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