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005 Phase I follow the class 3 prediction award number: direct selection 5 yards duplex reference

Arrangement of 323004 Review: Award number 136, strange coupling ratio 2: 1, size ratio 1: 2, and value 10, type: group six.

[Hundred positions]: The last issue appeared: trumpet, odd numbers: 1. In the 7 consecutive periods, the hundred numbers are: trumpet, even number: 4; small, evenNumber, even number: 4; trumpet, even number: 0; large, odd number: 9; trumpet, odd number: 1, of which large frequency is low, the odds are hotodd number.

Si number: 9; large, odd number: 5; large, odd number: 7; trumpet, even number: 0; trumpet, odd number: 3, there are fewer in small numbers, less even, ten digits in this issue, ten digits in this issue,Focus on the trumpet and even number.

[Person]: The number 6 appeared in the previous issue: large, even, and statistics found that the ten -digit number appeared in the last 7 issues: 1: trumpet, odd number; 6: large, even number; 2: trumpet, even number;8: Large, even numbers; 0: trumpet, even number; 0: trumpet, even number; 6: large, even number, among which the trend is obviously hot, the strange number trend is obviously weak.Open.

In this issue, the type of direct selection: small and small, and amazing.

[Harmony]: The previous period and value were 10, rising, the value of this period would not fluctuate significantly, and continued to pay attention to the values near 10.

Follow -up arrangement III Issue 2023005 Recommendation:

Double bold reference: 0, 3, unique reference: 3

Reference on duty: 10

Direct selection 5 yards duplex reference: 01579-02345-03689

Group 66 yards reciprocating reference: 036789

Selected single note reference: 003 034 037 039 134 138 139 233 234 344 378 399

Single Number Reference: 703

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