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005 Period Gourd Blessing Lottery 3D Forecast Number: Size Analysis

Lottery retrospective: Fucai 3D 2023004 prize number is 398, and the award number is: group six, small large, 2: 0: 1. Qiqi.

Analysis of size: The size of the last prize number is 2: 1, which is a small large form. The large size is small and hot. Pay attention to the cold in this issue, and pay attention to 1: 2. The size type refers to the small size.

Analysis of Road 012: The last prize number 012 opened 2: 0: 1, and the first part of the previous period was broken. Pay attention to the replenishment in this issue, and the 2nd route number is broken. 012 is optimistic about 2: 1: 0.

Analysis of Qi Bian: The previous prize number was 2: 1 than the Qiqi. The type is Qiqi, and the situation is relatively cold. This issue will not be replenished.

The first place was 3 in the previous issue, and 2 points were taken. This issue is expected to open the number.

The second place was repeatedly appeared in the last issue of the prize number 9.

The third place opened the prize number 8 in the previous issue, 2 points larger, this issue is optimistic about this position, reference number 4.

Sweet Gua Fucai 3D No. 2023005 Prize number Recommended:

Reference 9, double bile reference 49, three bold reference 349

Kill number: 5

5*5*5 direct selection: 03469/04789/01247

Selected 15 bet single notes: 019 029 049 119 169 229 289 339 349 469 679 789 799

Six -yard group Six -duplex: 023469

Single note reference: 394

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