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005 Ho Shang’s arrangement of three prediction awards: Opinion analysis

Review of the last issue: The award number of the 2023004th issue of the third issue was 136, the award number 012 was 2: 1: 0, the strange puppet ratio was 2: 1, the size ratio was 1: 2, and the value was 10, and the span was 5.

1. Head value and span recommendation:

Harmony recommendation: The previous period and the value increased by 1 point, 10 points, the expected and value of the current period continued to go, and the attention and value 13 opened.

Spoof recommendation: The span was 5 in the previous period, and the amplitude fluctuations are 4 points. The expected span is small in this period. The reference span 3 is opened.

Second, morphological reference:

Analysis of Road type 012: The previous prize number was two 0 road numbers+one 1 -way number, 0 road number disconnection, 1 road number disconnected, in the 100 consecutive period of 100 consecutive stages, two 0 road numbers+one 1 -way number opened 12In the current period, this issue is again concerned about the proportion of the previous period 012.

Analysis of Qi Batos: In the previous prize number, two strange and one puppet combination was issued. In the first 100 prizes, the two strange and one -and -one combination included 37 times.One even contains 11 times, all strange contains 6 times, and all of them include 6 times. This issue is optimistic about the prize number to open two puppets and one strange combination.

Analysis of the size of the size: The previous prize number was two small and one large combination. In the 100 consecutive periods, the two small and one large combination opened 40 periods.Open 5 issues, open 4 issues, two small and one big, 16 issues. This issue is optimistic about the two small and one large combination.

Third, He Shang ranked 3rd No. 2023005 prize number recommendation:

Driven: 3

Kill number: 9

Direct selection 5*5*5 Reference: 12346*03457*23678

Direct selection 4*4*4 Reference: 1234*0345*3678

Group 6 6 yards: 023467

Single note reference: 023 033 035 036 038 113 134 235 345 346 355 357

Selected one bet direct: 436

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