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005 Bingbu Outlets Arranges Three Prediction Awards: Analysis of Prize Number Types

Lottery retrospective: Arrangement of the 2023004 issue number: 136.The type of prize number is: group six, the size type is: small large, the puppet type is: Qiqi, no heavy number.

Analysis of size: Arrange the number 136 in the previous period, and the size type is [small and small]. The prizes of small and small types of small and small types have been opened in the last seven times: 009, 048, 216, 335, 217, 416, 209, and 209, and 209, 209, 209, 209, 209, and 209, and 209,The number of the next period: 111, 559, 041, 712, 416, 525, 460.Among them, the size ratio of the number is 8:13, and the proportion of the large number is relatively low. In this issue, it is appropriately paying attention to large replenishment. It is expected that two large numbers are expected.

Analysis of Qi Dian: The three prize number of the three prizes is 136, and its puppet type is [Qiqi Puppet]. The number of Qiqi Type Qiqi in the last seven times is: 974, 752, 174, 372, 132, 712, 538, and the next prize.The number is: 974, 752, 174, 372, 132, 712, 538.Among them, the number of the number is 10:11, and the proportion of the puppet prize number is basically balanced. This issue is optimistic about the number of numbers to turn heat. Note that the strange even appears 1: 2.

Analysis of the prize number type: After the arrangement of the last seven [small] combination and the [Qiqi puppet] combination appeared, the leopard number was opened once in the next period, the group three numbers were issued 3 times, and the group six numbers were opened 10 times.The frequency of the sixs of the group is very hot, and the group six numbers are expected to continue in this issue.In addition, there are no heavy numbers in the next seventh issue.

Bukou Sports Lottery Arrangement III No. 2023005 Phase Number Forecast:

Arrange three exclusion one yard: 4

Arrange three gallbladder reference: 0 5

5*5*5 Direct Selection Reference: 34589/24578/01479

Group Six Reference: 023568

Selected one bet number: 850

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