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003 Su Su Shuangse Ball Forecast Award: Red Ball Heavy Number Analysis

Last prize: Fucai Shuangse Ball No. 2023002 Phase Number is: 02 06 10 16 18 22+13, of which the red ball is 0: 6, the three zone ratio is 3: 0, including 3 weights, no code code, no linkage code, Blue balls are bizarre and quality.

Analysis of Red Ball Heavy Number: In the previous issue, the red ball was released with 3 weights 16, 18, and 22. In the first 9th issueThe heavy number continuously opened for 16 consecutive periods. This issue is expected to continue to open the red ball, and it is optimistic that 1 previous red ball 22.

Recommended by the three red balls: 3: 3: 0 in the previous period of the red ball, there is no number of red three red balls in the last 9th period.Whenever heated, the three districts are followed by 1: 2: 3.

Recommended by the red ball strange ratio: The red ball last time the award number is 0: 6, and the full puppet award number is issued. In the first 9th phase of the prize, the number ratio ratio of the red ball is 24:30.This issue is expected to be a hot red ball, and pay attention to the strange even 5: 1.

Analysis of Red Ball Code: There is no combination of code combination in the previous prize number. In the last 9th issue, the 7 -phase award number contains the combination of the code.It is high, and the current code wheels are 2 periods. In this issue, it is appropriate to pay attention to the continuous code repayment.

Analysis of Blue Ball Number: Blue Ball 13 was launched in the last period. In the last nine issues, there were 4 Qi Blue. It was equivalent to theory. In this issue, the blue ball is optimistic about the odd numbers, and pay attention to the number 01.

Susu dual color ball No. 2023003 prize number recommendation:

Double color ball 15+5 shrinking recommendation: 01 06 07 11 14 15 16 22 23 25 27 29 32 33+03 05 07 11

Two -color ball selection 9+2 small duplex: 11 15 16 22 23 25 27 33+01 07

Double color ball 6+1 single reference: 11 15 22 23 25 27+01

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