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003 Phase Water Mirror Double Color Ball Prediction Award number: Link Code Analysis

Last prize: The 2023002 prize number of the Fucai dual color ball is: 02 06 10 16 18 22+13, the red ball harness is 74, the maximum spacing is 6, the strange puppet ratio is 0: 6, and the three zone ratio is 3: 3: 0.

1. Dragon head analysis: The last ten dragon head numbers are between 01-09 and the number is relatively dense. The number ratio of the number 05 is 4: 6, which is basically the same.Number 08.

2. Phoenix tail analysis: The last ten phases of Fengwei numbers are distributed in the 22-33 range, and the range of the appearance is wide. The ratio ratio of the phoenix is 8: 2 at the 29th ends.Continue to pay attention to the Phoenix tail of more than 29, refer to the number 32.

3. Compliance analysis: The recent ten -issue consecutive code has 80%, and the continuous code trend is relatively hot. In this issue, the anti -connection code turns cold wheels.

4. Maximum spacing: The maximum spacing has fluctuated between 06-20 and the maximum spacing of the previous period is 6. The maximum pitch is expected to be smaller in this period, and the maximum distance is 8.

5. Analysis of the same tail: After the last 10 consecutive periods of red balls in the same tail, this issue is optimistic about turning cold and abandon the same tail red ball.

6. Nirvana: After the number 0 number is opened in the previous period, this issue is optimistic about turning cold, and the possibility of the 0 number 0 number appears.

Double color ball 2023003 Water mirror 15+5 Recommendation:

Red ball gallbladder code: 08 32

Red ball duplex: 02 08 09 11 14 16 19 21 23 25 28 31 32 33

Five -yard blue ball: 02 04 08 10 16

Single note reference: 08 11 16 19 27 32+10

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