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003 Phase I follow the class three prediction awards: direct selection type follow

Arrangement of the 2023002 Review: Award number 070, a strange coupling ratio 1: 2, size ratio 1: 2, and value 7, type: group three.

, Small: 2; Trim, Small: 0; Siber, Tips: 4; Trim, Small: 0, of which the even number is frequent, and the trumpet appears frequently.

Numbers: 9; even numbers, large: 8; Qius, large number: 9; odd number, large number: 5; odd number, large number: 7, among which the odds are frequent, the trumpet is less, and ten are expected to open this issue.Summary, trumpet.

[Person]: The number 0 appears in the previous issue: the trumpet, the even number, the statistics of the last 7th issue found that the ten digits appeared: 5: large, odd number; 9: large, odd number; 1: trumpet, odd number;6: Large, even numbers; 2: trumpet, even numbers; 8: large, even number; 0: trumpet, even number, the large trend is relatively obvious, the even number appears relatively strong, the individual only pay attention to the large number, the even number is opened,out.

In this issue of direct selection types: small, big, even strange.

[Harmony]: In the previous period, the value was 7, a decrease of 10 points, the attention and value of the value rising in this period, attention and value 9.

Follow -up arrangement III Issue 2023003 Recommendation:

Double bold reference: 0, 6, unique reference: 0

Reference on duty: 9

Direct selection 5 yards duplex reference: 03467-02369-14679

Group 66 yards reciprocating reference: 013568

Group selection single reference: 005 006 009 016 018 019 025 034 036 049 058 067 068 077

Single Number Reference: 036

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