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003 Little County Main Double Color Ball Forecast Number: Red Ball Tail Analysis

22, including the same tail number: 02 22, 06 16, the blue ball is 1.

1. Dragon head recommendation: The leading number 02 was issued in the previous period, the leading number dropped 7 points. The last 10 issues were distributed in the 01-09 range.4. The trend of the numbers of various roads is basically the same as 5: 5. The proportion of the red ball of the red ball is 5: 5.

2. Phoenix tail recommendation: In the previous period, Fengwei opened the number 22, the Phoenix tail dropped 10 points, the most recently 10-stage phoenix number appeared in the range of 22-33, the analog of Fengwei was 11 o’clock, the phoenix 012 road ratio was the comparison of the comparison of the phoenix 012.4: 4: 2, 2, 2, the number of routes is relatively cold, the phoenix tails are 5: 5, and the number of red balls in the strange coupling red ball is flat. This issue is expected to open the 1 phoenix tail number, and the reference number 25.

3. Heavy number analysis: In the previous issue of red balls, the heavy number number: 16, 18, 22, the last 10 periods of the heavy number will be opened, and the performance is very hot. In this issue

4. Analysis of the number of red ball tails: In the last 10 periods, the same red ball has performed very active, and each issue is available. In this issue, it is optimistic about continuing to play the same tail red ball. Refer to the red ball number 13 and 23.Red ball nirvana tail number 2.

5. Company code analysis: The combination of the code was not issued in the previous period. In the last 10 periods, there were eight -phase prize number containing the combination of code. The continuous code trend was relatively hot. In this issue, the anti -connection code was cooled.

6. Blue ball analysis: The blue ball number 13 was opened in the previous period, and the last 10 period of the blue ball was 2: 2: 6.Essence

Small county master Fucai dual color ball 2023003 prize number recommendation:

Red gallbladder reference: 01 20

Red ball duplex reference: 01 06 07 08 10 13 16 20 21 23 25 26 29 33

Five -yard blue ball reference: 02 07 09 10 14

Single note 6+1 Reference: 01 07 13 20 23 25+02

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