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003 Lao Yang Fucai 3D Forecast Number: Note 0 Road and Value

Review of the last issue: Fucai 3D No. 2023002 Award number: 850.Group 6. Size and small.

Hundred positions: 2022349 Issue-20123002 issue number: 56248, the amplitude is 6 points, the distribution is relatively scattered, this issue is optimistic about the hundred digits, follow 0.

Ten digits: The number of the last 5 issues: 68435, the size ratio is 3: 2, the large number is heated.

Person: The last 5 phase of the award number is: 28920, and the unique ratio is 1: 4.

Harmony: The last 5 periods and values appeared in the 9-22 section, with an amplitude of 14 points, and the distribution was scattered.

Span: The span in the last 5 phase is distributed between 2-8, the amplitude is 7 points, the distribution is very scattered, and the span of the previous period is 8, the increase of 6 points, and the attention span repeatedly appears in this period.

Lao Yang 2023003 Fucai 3D recommendation:

Driven: 0

Kill a code: 2

Six duplex: 016789

Positioning 5 yards direct selection: (03489) (01478) (01348)

15 Note Single Note: 014 016 017 018 036 037 038 047 058 067 078 079

Selected note: 078

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