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003, Lao Dao Fucai 3D Forecast Award: Recommended by one code

Review of the last issue: Welfare Lottery 3D No. 2023002 issued a prize number 850.Type of prize number: group six, size form: large size, strange form: even strange.

Head value analysis: The last 5 phase of the prize number and value are distributed between 9-22, fluctuating 14 points, the range of fluctuations is large, and the sum of the previous period is 13, which has increased by 4 points.Rising, attention and value 20.

Spoof analysis: The last 5 phase of the prize number span appeared in sections 2-8, fluctuating 7 points, distributed in scattered, the previous span was 8, an increase of 6 points. The expected span in this period is expected to decrease, and the attention span 4.

Hundred Analysis: No. 2022349-Issue 2023002 Open Number: 56248, which fluctuates 6 points, which are relatively loose. This issue is optimistic about the rise of the hundred digits, reference number 9.

Ten -digit analysis: In the last five issues, this digit number continuously issued numbers: 68435, the number ratio of the number is 3: 2, and the large performance is active. In this period, the large number is prevented from reappearing again. Reference number 5.

Analysis of individual digits: The first five issues are issued by the number: 28920, the number of the number is 1: 4, and the even numbers are relatively hot. It is expected that the number of numbers in this period is again opened, and reference 6.

Fucai 3D No. 2023003 Old Knife Number Recommended:

Double bold reference: 6, 9, unique reference: 9

One yard of lore: 4

Duplex group 6 follow: 013569

Direct positioning 5 yards reference: (03569) (23579) (15679)

Selected 15 bets Reference: 019 089 139 159 169 179 239 279 359 389 579 689 789

Selected one bet number: 956

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