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003 Jianghua arrangement three prediction numbers: award number size judgment

Review of the previous issue: Arrangement 3 2023002 is: 070.Type: group three, strange couple: even strange, size: small size.

Judgment of the prize number type: After the recent 7 times and the small size are opened, the next group appeared five times in the next group, and the group six appeared 9 times. Among them, the six trend of the group six was active.In addition, there are fewer weights, and the heavy number can be excluded in this period.

The unprecedented judgment: The three prizes in the previous period were 070, and the strangeness was: I was strange, and the strange even appeared in the past 7 times: the even the award number was: 872-094-216-014-416-092-458.

The next issue of the prize number: 299-181-041-387-525-458-070.

Among them, the award number is 11:10, and the puppet number is balanced. This issue is expected to turn heat in this issue.

Judgment of the size: The three prizes in the previous period were 070, the size was: small size, and the award number of the small size in the past 7 times was: 383-084-383-382-460-491-092.

The next issue of the number: 014-383-382-209-538-286-458.

Among them, the size ratio ratio of the award number is 9:12, and the size number is basically flat. In this issue, it is optimistic about the size ratio of 2: 1.

Jianghua Arrangement 3rd No. 2023003 Forecast:

Bald code reference: 6 8

One code for killing: 3

5*5*5 direct selection: 24789/04568/14678

Six duplex: 012468

Single selection number: 016 026 048 069 089 149 189 268 278 458 468 469 567

Single Number: 268

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