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003 Golden Heart Arrangement Three Predictive Awards: Personal Number Receiving

Review of the last issue: Arrangement of the 2023002 Lottery: 070, the qualitative ratio is 1: 2, the strange coupling ratio is 1: 2, and the size ratio is 1: 2.

Point: The previous period is 0, the number, the sign is significantly cold in the past two weeks, and it missed 2 periods. This issue of anti -quality number replenishment, reference 3.

Ten digits: 7, large, the trumpet in the previous period, the trumpet was cold in the first two weeks, and the period was leaked for 5 consecutive periods. Pay attention to the trumpet in this issue and pay attention to 1.

Hundred positions: 0, even numbers in the previous period, the number of odd numbers in the last two weeks is low, and the omissions are omitted for 5 periods. This issue pays attention to the odd number, optimistic about 5.

Jinxin Arrangement 323003 Recommendation:

Two yards reference: 1 3

Kill number: 0

Direct reference: 13567*13579*13469

Group 6 Reference: 135679

Single note reference: 116 117 124 135 156 169 33333345 355 358 366 378

Direct reference: 513

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