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003 Abbao Arranged Three Predictive Awards: One hundred -bit omissions

Review of the last issue: Arrangement of the 2023002 draw: 070, the type of the prize number is: group three.

Hundreds: The largest number of missed numbers is 6, and the omissions are 25 issues. In history, the biggest omissions of the number are 85 issues. In this issue, a hundred points are concerned about the thawing code 6 thaw.

Ten digits: The maximum number of the current omissions is 4, the omissions are 29 issues, the maximum missed in history is 63, and the ten digits continue to exclude numbers 4 in this period.

Person: The largest number of the current omissions is 7, the omissions of 13 issues, the biggest omissions of this number in history is 60, and the number of anti -defense numbers in this period appears.

In addition, in the group selection distribution map: the current number 3 performed colder and missed 5 issues. In history, the largest missed 22 issues in history. This number is expected to continue to rotate.

The three prizes of the 2023002 arrangement were 070. In history, the number of direct selection appeared 8 times. The next prize number was: 923, 305, 332, 720, 120, 520, 846.

Hundreds: The size ratio is 4: 3, the strange coupling ratio is 6: 1, and the reference number 5 in this issue.

Ten digits: The size ratio is 0: 7, the strange coupling ratio is 1: 6, and the number of attention in this issue is 0.

Point: The size ratio is 2: 5, the strange coupling ratio is 2: 5, and this issue is optimistic number 2.

The 2023002 issue three prizes are 070. In history, the number group was selected 22 times., 720, 818, 406, 150, 839, 520, 183, 157, 846.

Among them, the group three appeared 4 times, and the group six appeared 17 times.And the 10 -phase award number includes the heavy number in 007, and the 11 -phase prize number does not have a heavy number. In this issue, the heavy number appears. It is expected that the group six will occur.

Abao Arrangement 3rd 2023003 Recommendation: Group Six

Driven: 5

Kill a code: 1

Direct selection duplex: (02356) (02358) (25678)

Six duplex: 024578

Group selection single note: 025 035 056 058 235 35357 358 457 459 569 578 579

Arrange 323003 Single Note Reference: 502

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