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002 Malaysia Chase Day Lotto Forecast Award: Analysis of the front area and value

Five zones ratio 0: 0: 2: 2: 1.

1. Analysis of the front area: The last nine number of the number of the number ratio is 20:25 even.The previous number was 2: 3, and the even number was hot. This issue is optimistic about the heating of the odd numbers.

2. Analysis of the size of the front area: The number ratio ratio in the last 9 period is 28:17, and the large number is heated.The size ratio ratio of the previous number was 5: 0, and a large combination was opened. In this issue, it is optimistic about the large number of heating, and the size ratio is 3: 2.

3. Analysis of the front area and value: The last 5 periods were opened and values were 96, 68, 110, 98, 122, and the value of the previous period increased by 24 points. This issue was optimistic and the value decreased. It is expected to appear around 100.

4. Analysis of the five -section of the front area: The five zone ratio of the past 9th period is 9: 6: 8: 13: 9, and the five district ratio ratio of the last prize is 0: 0: 2: 1, the third and fourth districtsThe heat, the first and second zones are disconnected, the number of the fifth zone is expected to be hot in this issue, and the number of the third zone number is empty.

5. Analysis of the post -zone: The last region of the previous period was: 11 and 12, and the large combination and the unique combination were opened. This issue is optimistic about the trumpet hot. It is expected that the number is heated. Refer to the two yards 02 and 04.

Ma Chari Sports Lottery Lotto No. 2023002 Recommendation

Ast to duplex: 01 03 07 12 13 16 18 21 22 26 28 31 32 34

Five codes in the back area: 02 04 07 10 12

Single Number Reference: 01 12 27 31 34+02 04

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