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0-8 Losses after the Martyr’s Lishan official: The teenager makes us proud

On December 19, after the Chinese Super League lost to Taishan, Shandong 0-8, the official Boshwen of the Shenzhen Football Club encouraged the young players in the game.

Because the Shenzhen team had only four players left in the first team, the 29th round of the second round of the match against Shandong Taishan, the Shenzhen team was basically the U21 echelon player, and even many players were only 17 years old.

After the game, for this defeat, the official blog of Shenzhen Football Club wrote:

“We lost the game today, but the performance of teenagers under the age of 21 and under 17 makes us proud. In the case of unusual difficulties in all aspects of the club this year, they have not retreated and showed Shenzhen’s power.

In order to maintain the integrity of the Super League, we did not choose to abandon the game, and we worked hard to fulfill the responsibility as a part of the league.

Today may be the starting point of Shenzhen’s new generation of youthful power. I hope young will gain growth and experience.

Finally, I wish all the Chinese Super League participants a good luck and health!”

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  1. What are the future of children like this?Follow Li Tie in?[Laughing without words]

  2. Unfortunately, this group of children participated in such dirty transactions at a young age.

  3. Naked fake balls, Shandong Laojing Shengsheng chased the three towns, which is the rhythm of stealing the league championship.

  4. The two rats

  5. At the World Cup, any team said, is it coming to practice soldiers? No, because the professional competition itself is a commodity, you either do not kick or create appreciation value

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    Windpassionwithoutmarks1095 12月 20, 2022 at 2:25 上午

    Give up the game for the gameIt is only 0: 3, but it is valuable to exercise young players.

  7. Many years ago, the national football team lost during the foreign competition and said that it was still young. For so many years, this excuse was still the excuse.Either you should not play with the elderly when you are young. Since you are on the court, do not take your youth for failure.This will only give players a concept of losing. The generations have not worked hard or improved

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