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冯 & Feng Xiaoting is not optimistic about Portugal to win: there is a gap in the overall strength

When it comes to the prospects of the Portuguese World Cup, neither the Lin and Feng Xiaoting are not optimistic about the Portuguese team to hold the Hercules Cup.

“I think it will be a bit difficult to win the championship, because there are no particularly prominent advantages to compare several other competitors in horizontally, but I hope they can go further and dedicate more games. I personally want to see Ronaldo Ronaldo.For more goals, there are more and better play. My idea is to bless them to go further, but if you win the championship, it is relatively not that great advantage. “

Feng Xiaoting said: “I also feel the same. The overall strength has some gaps with other teams, but I still hope that the farther they go, the better, the role model of each player like Ronaldo, I hope he can go further and better.”

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